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Welcome to the EverGreen Sustainable Products web site! If you are a contractor or home builder, our current special promotion will provide you with an easy way to get into the ICF arena. ICF installation requires the use of adjustable bracing. If you do not have bracing this offer should be of great interest to you. Thanks for visiting our website! We are sure you will find the products we distribute to be vitally important for you to be an Extreme Green contractor.

Amvic has announced a new leasing program for Amvic Prestige bracing including a trailer for easy storage and transport. The photos below show the trailer w/ bracing and tool box. Included as a bonus with each Lease there are spare parts for the bracing and a Makita cordless tool kit. The unit will come with a heavy duty, orange cover that protects the bracing and provides Amvic & Distributor advertising space.

This is a great opportunity for Distributors to lock in new ICF installers with their own bracing or for a Distributor to organize an easy to handle rental program.

Customer establishes his own credit

New equipment can be obtain after the initial term

Gain Tax advantages through equipment leasing

Additional approved funds can be applied to other equipment

Leases are being handled by Easylease Corp. in Toronto. For details e-mail Tom Short at, or call Easylease 800-293-1119. To learn more about Easylease, please check

Example: 40 ea - 10 Amvic Prestige Braces, Trailer, Cover & Bonus Tool Kit.



60 Month Lease

Lease can be renewed after term with new equipment or simply returned. Buyout is available

Amvic Prestige Bracing Trailer Lease Program

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